Fleeces: both white and coloured, are from our flock here in Lapford. The white fleeces are a selection of the best of the lambs and shearlings; the coloured fleeces range in age from lambs to 6 year old ewes. Photographs of all the fleeces for sale are on my Facebook page, with information about the sheep’s identity and age (on number of times it has been shorn), characteristics of the wool and weight of the fleece before removal of dirty or matted sections.

Up to 1 kilo will be removed before sale (everything sent should be useable). Where the fleece is not of best standard, the notes will say Second quality.

Fleece costs (including VAT):

First quality £7 per kilo, tidied but not specially selected….ie all useable parts of the fleece are charged at that rate.
Second quality £5 per kilo selected from useable parts of coarser fleeces….. this is intended for felting or peg rugs rather than for spinning for garments.
PLEASE NOTE: Supply is seasonal – we shear shortly after Christmas, so it is important to get in touch early in the New Year if you want the best choice.

If weather conditions dictate, we may shear LAMBS in September.
If you don’t have access to Facebook, please email to let us know what you’re looking for and we can send photos as Jpeg attachments. Or….if you want samples, similarly, please send requirements.

We can send small amounts, taken from various fleeces. Even better, visit us to make your own selection.

Romney Fleece

Knitting Yarn: 70% Romney wool from our flock and 30% tussah silk, spun for us by the Natural Fibre Company, Launceston, Cornwall. The yarn is unbleached and undyed, worsted spun (the fibres are all combed the same way to preserve the definition) double knitting gauge, in 100 gram hanks, ready either for balling up or for dyeing. The yarn knits best on 4.5mm needles and shows patterns very well. Knitting Yarn: £7.50 per 100 grms , length about 174 metres or 190 yards per skein.

Knitting Yarn Romney Jumper Romney jumper close up


Transport and packaging charges: Fleeces are sent as Post office small or medium packets (up to 2 kilos) in plastic sacks, or in larger amounts by Parcelforce in cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes, being bought in, cost an extra £2 per box. Parcel charges are at Post Office and Parceforce current rates (most orders cost somewhere between £6 and £15 for postage).  Please note that the largest box will only hold a maximum of about 9 kilos of wool. Charges for sending parcels outside the UK are much higher… transport  will need to be calculated  as required.